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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turn Your Love for Food into a Dream Job

To me, entrepreneurship is the most valuable tool our economy has, especially right now in our economic down turn. The service sector of our economy holds opportunities for those willing to take educated risks and embark upon sharing with the market innovative ideas and techniques that fit the needs and wants of today.

What am I getting at here?

Why not turn your passion for cooking into a valued part of the food industry? One thing is for sure, people eat...usually more than they should...and a bad economy will never change that. If you, as the innovator, combine your skills in the kitchen with a unique approach to selling your service (catering, restaurant, food franchise) you will not only be helping out your very own standard of living, but you will also be contributing to your entire community's quality of life.

This week is national entrepreneurship week and by celebrating I have posted a link to an article in Rutherford County's Daily News Journal. Take a look, and remember the opportunities in the food service industry are limitless.

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