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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paula Deen is Closer Than Ya Think

Goodness gracious I love southern cooking...and you can't love southern cooking without loving Paula Deen!

The one and only Paula Deen Buffet is located at Harraha's in Tunica, Miss. with a huge selection of true southern treats. The buffet includes everything from southern fried chicken to her famous hoe cakes. The food is not even half of it. The atmosphere in itself is worth experiencing. Families dine in a mock version of her Savannah home which represents true southern charm. The gift shop includes recipe cards, every cook book she has published, along with elegant furnishings that will uplift the mood in any kitchen. Visit their website for complete details.

Oh yeah, keep your eyes peeled, Paula is known to be seen at the slot machines downstairs.

As Paula says so beautifully: "Put some south in your mouth!"

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